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What are the benefits of using Flowchart tool?

A free flowchart tool to map out any processes easily

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop interface for beginners.
  • Create flowchart online – easy to edit and save.
  • Help thousand-word processes into lean, easy-to-understand organizational and process charts.

Collaborate instantly

  • Collect instant feedback.
  • Share and edit diagrams with team members at the same time.
  • Accessible anytime anywhere.

Standardize all diagrams

  • Free access to hundreds of diagram templates designed by experts with a variety of diagrams, shapes, symbols, and more to turn complex processes into intuitive, scientific visuals.

Simplify any workflow by troubleshooting all problems

  • A diagram helps team leaders to identify relationships, allocate resources and monitor performance.
  • A diagram is a life-long resource in which everyone can see where they fit in the bigger picture.
  • A diagram can reveal bottlenecks, heavy workload or task duplication, etc. Making a minor adjustment on the chart can continually bring major breakthrough in practice.

Export to any format

  • Easily store, edit and share diagrams to stakeholders by exporting to different formats (PDF, SVG, PNG, etc).

A flowchart online tool you need for every projects


Organizational chart

Designing an online directory for businesses regarding departments, human resources, etc.


Process flowchart

Simulate workflows to optimize operation


Draft your ideas

Collaborate and discuss anytime anywhere by drafting mind maps, simulating milestones of the project, etc.


Integrate with other apps

Integrate designed process into management software to synchronize model and reality

Free access to library of over 300 flowchart templates for all projects and all fields


Let us accompany with you on the journey of unceasingly upgrading your business flowcharts for eternal improvement

Training courses for designing flowcharts for all processes and departments
Root out problems in your current flowchart
Recreate new flowchart to enhance workflow’s efficiency
Provide technology solutions to convert models into practice such as CRM, project management tools like Confluence, JIRA, E-signature and online accounting software, etc, …

Optimize every single process of your business today

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