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What to expect when using LMS?

Are you a business owner and…

are looking for an online, cost-effective internal training solution?

want to build an online course to instruct customers/clients on products/services’ information – manual usage?

are in need of an online internal training course to standardize knowledge – test your employee’ expertise as they locate across countries and around the world?

Are you an individual and want to:

 build an online course quickly and easily

sell these courses to potential customers

build your personal brand through valuable lectures

Why LMS software is the best tool to bring the value of your learning to customers?

Track and monitor progress

Allows all members to design a course at once

Allow you to view your teams collaboration progress in real time

Dashboard helps monitor the effectiveness of your courses with useful and intuitive metrics

Always available on the cloud

Course creation in less than 60 minutes

Make stunning courses with minimal effort and time through a completely No-Code Platform

Design the course just the way you want it to be, but WITH EASE

Your brand, Your way

  • Customize everything to match your brand: landing page, members screens, learning space, etc.
  • Attach your logo wherever you want to stick your brand in customer’s mind

Elevate your customer experience with a training software that’s easy to use

  • With a highly intuitive interface, LMS creates an easy-to-go and distraction-free online learning environment.
  • You’re in control of designing your courses’ flow so that your learners navigate through the platform easily and on schedule.
  • There are so many templates (questions, test, type of learning) for your ease of creating courses.
  • It is very easy to break the courses into different modules and chapters.
  • There are various Membership packages for you and your learners to choose from.
  • It helps you to elevate your learner – customer experience thanks to features like Reviews, Subscription, Enroll now, etc.

With everything you’d expect from an enterprise LMS


Unlimited students


Unlimited courses


In charge of your own payment




Unlimited Integrations


Video embedding


Quiz: Multichoice, Single Choice, videos, audio in the background, and so on.









LMS instantly becomes the technological arm of your online courses to help

Upskill and grow your people

Give employees 24-hour access to learning and development resources

Customer Online Training

Provide training courses to guide, optimize customer’s usage of products and services you provides

Sell online courses

Create your knowledge commerce website and start selling your skill and bring value to your learners

We support you throughout the operation of the e-learning system

License and set up your e-learning courses at the most optimal fee.

Consult, advice, solve your queries 24/7 in English or Vietnamese.

Customize software feature to satisfy your training demand.

Train your people – Measure effectiveness – Drive growth with LMS today

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