Therefore, our digital transformation solutions and consultancy will be:
  • Highly practical
  • At affordable cost – suitable for small and medium businesses
  • Easy to be put into practice
What’s more?
  • It always comes with a user manual, a practical training course according to the characteristics of each business.
  • We will also support you through out the working process and after that, answer all of your questions for free, 24/7, in English or Vietnamese, online or offline.

How can we help you in your digital transformation journey? => Learn 6 steps to the cloud with us now

1 Collect Information

You will receive a questionnaire with questions about your company and digital transformation objectives, which helps us to deeply understand your goals and adapt our strategy to the functions of your need.

2 Understand & Analyze

An in-depth interview meeting with your company will be booked for further discussion/clarifications on some outstanding points in the questionnaire.

3 Consult on Solution

We will:

  • first visualize your operational and business processes with international standard process drawing software;
  • create your digital transformation journey with us;
  • map out your business issues with the most suitable tools.
4 Conduct

Upon receipt of your confirmation, we will carry out the implementation, customization, and training on how to use the tools/software recommended effectively.

5 Evaluate

We follow up intensively during one month of software implementation by organizing tests to evaluate the digital transformation capacity of your employees when using the new tools.

6 Comprehensively deploy

We continue to deploy the remaining digitalization software in step 4 to ensure the success of the comprehensive digital transformation.

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