Plan, assign tasks, track progress and get work done from anywhere, quickly view project details in one page with just 1 click, manage your projects and work progress members easily

Manage projects

Monitor details

Measure performance

Why managing projects with JIRA?

  • Jira helps visualize your projects and tasks with a workflow, which helps to define your process and enable your team to track tasks.
  • Jira also has boards that allow you to visualize your workflows and drag and drop tasks from to-do to done.
  • Jira helps you keep track of the projects whenever you are, whatever you want, using any electronic devices (mobile, laptop, iPad, etc…)

Why it is easy than ever when monitoring details with Jira?

Everyone knows a project’s details at a glance without having to email or set up a meeting.

Task management is easier because you can:

  • see statuses, priority, history and attachments in one place, etc…
  • easy to make comments and have discussions
  • make or see notifications when your attention is needed.

Jira helps measure performance

Using Jira, you can follow the status of your team’s projects in different ways:

  • Create or see projects a quick overview, customized dashboards, or even a pre-defined report.
  • Know exactly without asking:

How many tasks are still in progress?

Which team member has too much on their plate?

Jira Work Management brings so many benefits to any team that does anything following a process.



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