We look at the technology with your eyes

Global Link Asia Digital will not look at technology with the eyes of technologist, but from the customer’s perspective.

As a result, we are confident that the technology solutions brought by us are the most simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-use technology solutions to serve your digitization needs.

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We are not a company that sells technology products

Global Link Asia Digital is not a company that selling products and services but rather a consulting unit providing technology solutions to solve the difficult problems of SMEs in the digital transformation journey. Our solutions are built based on the problems of the business and is focused on how to root out the problems.

Every solution will be implemented briskly, professionally and effectively.

With the aim to partnering with our clients in every stage of the digital transformation journey, Global Link Asia Digital strives to maintain professional commitments with unsurpassed services.


We used to be you and we fully understand your difficulties in the digital transformation journey

  • Clueless about which digital software to use
  • Afraid of change
  • Fear for investing in large costs but do not know whether it is effective
  • Have a blind spot where in the business should be digitized, etc.

These are just some common concerns for any business when thinking about digital transformation.

Global Link Asia Digital itself has gone through these concerns and succeeded (we have successfully digitized our whole working process from back office (internal teamwork – invoice – contract – electronic signature – accounting) to front office (customer experience management – marketing & sales). Therefore, Global Link Asia Digital understands all the concerns of businesses and is confident that we can help you to solve these problems, and support you to digitalize effectively, efficiently at reasonable costs.

Used to be you
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Professional, Supportive Digital Transformation Service WITHOUT hidden fees

Global Link Asia Digital highly specializes in business, administration, accounting, technology, international integration and investment. Additionally, we take ownership of profound acquaintance and positive relationship with our international partners. We take pride in ourselves as a reliable consultancy with professional and supportive services without hidden fees. We make nonstop improvements in the quality of our services to highly support our clients and provide the highest levels of clients satisfaction.


High quality at reasonable prices

All assignments are mainly carried out in Vietnam, but with the support and consulting from international digital experts. This is to ensure the solutions offers can solve business’s problems while meeting international standards.

Our working method focuses on direct interaction with our clients in Vietnam (face-to-face consultation for clients can be arranged at any working time). Also, the costs are optimized to maximize clients’ experience.

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Let us accompany you in your digital transformation journey!