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Why teamwork with CONFLUENCE?

Build, organize, and collaborate on work in one place from virtually anywhere

Data management

Build, organize and collaborate data in ONE PLACE that is easy for later find and use.
Centralize all of the necessary information for your team in one SPACE.
Create a “Wikipedia” for you team – Save time by harnessing your teams’ collective knowledge into easy-to-find answers for everyone.

Turn “conversations” into “action”

Create and manage thousands of meeting notes.
Move forward from actionable meeting notes to inspiring project plans.
Kickstart team participation with a flexible workspace.

Confluence is built for lasting knowledge so you never lose great ideas or context in a transient notification or chat. With Confluence, your team can easily.

Build a culture of open teamwork

With social features, employees at every level have a voice to contribute, share, and receive feedback. With Confluence, you can easily:

Encourage all teams – from marketing to engineering – to share announcements, strengthen company culture, and get instant feedback.
Break down team silos: An open, connected structure allows information to flow freely among everyone at the organization.

Ensure private and confidential when required

Confluence is purpose-built for teams that need a secure and reliable way to collaborate on mission-critical projects. Confluence sites are protected by privacy controls and data encryption, and meet industry-verified compliance standards.


Confluence comes equipped with over 100 best-practice templates so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Get started easily and maintain consistency across teams and projects.


Preview 5+ templates 

Project management

Preview 5+ templates 

Business strategy

Preview 5+ templates 

Marketing strategy

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Preview 5+ template 


Preview 5+ template 

Document Management

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Brainstorming ideas

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60,000+ customers

use Confluence to rethink the way they work

Confluence became the single-source of truth for client facing teams and helped them deliver on promises to the customer.

Terrence Caldwell

Product Marketing Manager, Blend

Confluence has enabled anyone in the company equal opportunity to participate, ask questions, and use their voice towards building a company our employees’ grandkids can be proud of.

Katie Burke

Chief People Officer, Hubspot

People are practicing more knowledge-sharing than ever before, resulting in more transparency and efficiency.

Martin Binder

Business Analyst, Audi

Connect the tools you already love

Amplify your team’s productivity by integrating with your favorite tools, or customize Confluence with 3,000+ Marketplace apps.

Why should we work with us?

We are proud to be the official partner of Atlassian in the Asia-Pacific market, working directly and providing GENUINE products and services at the DISCOUNT price, with full support in Vietnamese or English languague, at Vietnam or Singapore office. ”

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