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Connecting with remote or “Working from home” colleagues is not just about “being online”. The key to the success of teamwork or working remotely is very simple:
An open working culture: Business owners / Project leaders need to have an open mindset to deal with problems and be ready to adapt to change when applying technology; at the same time, creating a “digital mindset” for everyone.
An effective teamwork tool or an OPEN working platform to ensure open communication and uninterrupted work sharing.
Global Link Asia Digital

Understanding the importance of an open – online working platform to a success of an effective teamwork, all of the tools that Global Link Asia Digital provides (and uses) is focused on uninterrupted connectivity, collaboration among team members – whether they are.

The #1 working platform used by millions of agile teams

jira work management

Plan, track and support



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Achieve a real breakthrough with the Atlassian software duo

Plan, track, assign and finish work with your team whenever you are
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Collaborate, discuss and prepare documents with your team on ONE PAGE
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Manage everything in one workspace
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Set up in minutes
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Visualize work with Views
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Building a culture of open communication among departments
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